Alhambra – A search for light and form Dual Solo – Curated by The Pais Polity

In the tradition of Renaissance painters, Mukhtar Kazi from Mumbai delves into the nuances of light through his monochromatic abstracts, while Vaibhav More crafts cubist paganist forms reminiscent of ancient symbolism. Kazi’s shades of gray, blue, and red cascade like a visual narrative, evoking landscapes within abstraction, while More’s stone-breaking techniques, influenced by Egyptology, honor […]

Au Fils du Temps – Over a Passage of Time Solo Exhibition – Curated by Elodie Le Derf

What happens when you search solitude within the construct of an artistic practice? Subhash Awchat’s present series of watercolours is a reflection of time, its structure, not measured by a watch but one that is witnessed when we fall humble into a magnificent landscape. In French we would say “aquarelles au fils du temps” or watercolours over the passage […]

Blck – Sanctuaries of Music and Visual Mores Solo Exhibition – Curated by Bina Aziz

In Santanu Hazarika’s debut solo exhibition “BLCK” at Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai, we enter the realm of the “Digital Colony,” exploring sanctuaries of music and visual mores. Hazarika, born in Guwahati in 1992, embarked on his artistic journey as a means to escape the monotony of traditional education, drawing inspiration from Western comic magazines […]

Into the Wild – Dual solo

‘Into the Wild’ is an exhibition by two artists who celebrate nature and wildlife in their own unique way through their canvas paintings. Sushma Jain is a wildlife artist whose paintings capture the quintessential beauty of the animals in the wild through her photorealistic paintings. Shivani Dugar is an abstract artist who invites viewers on […]

Mystique Of The Epic – solo exhibition

The most ancient, longest and grandest epic of India, Mahabharata chroniclesstories of eternal social life, the battle between gods and demons that is at once fabulist and mystical, yet modern and real. For eons numerous creative minds, researchers and scholars have kept themselves busy in the study of the mystique of this epic. Originally written by Vyasa Deva, however, from Kalidasa to Goethe, Rabindranath Tagore to world renowned filmmaker Peter Brook got influenced […]

Prakruti Purush – Works on Shiva Solo Exhibition

“I am not in the mind, not intellect, nor ego, nor the reflections of the inner self. Not the ear, nor the tongue, not the nose, nor the eyes. I am not the ether, nor the earth, nor the fire, nor the wind. I am that blissful consciousness I am Shiva I am Shiva.  (Shiva […]

Purple Sun, Pink Sky Solo Exhibition – Curated by Angeles Miranda

“This planet, our whole world must be created by God as a training ground for body, mind and soul.”– Jinsook Shinde This exhibition presents the artistic development of Indo-Korean artist Jinsook Shinde over the span of 40 years. Her printmaking practice began during her studies in Paris but has mainly been entrenched in the Indian […]

Those who inspired. Those who left impressions. Curated by Niharika Gupta

An ever-changing, ever-absorbing, world where reality, truthand memory nourish quotidian experiences that augmentdivergent identities at a plurality of points in life. The world as we know, is brilliantly confusing and on display are its awe-inspiring memoirs, touching time present and time past. The oeuvres in this exhibition collectively manifestmetaphysical forms, harmoniously coexisting in the nowness of their time, exploring sui generis modus operandi, narratives andaesthetics which are a personification of each virtuosos’creative worldliness, planting an idyllic mesh of artful rudiments to render a mindful tangible experience.  There is a living force […]