Mystique Of The Epic – solo exhibition

by Shuvaprasana

The most ancient, longest and grandest epic of India, Mahabharata chroniclesstories of eternal social life, the battle between gods and demons that is at once fabulist and mystical, yet modern and real. For eons numerous creative minds, researchers and scholars have kept themselves busy in the study of the mystique of this epic. Originally written by Vyasa Deva, however, from Kalidasa to Goethe, Rabindranath Tagore to world renowned filmmaker Peter Brook got influenced and presented its interpretations in their own works. Even Satyajit Ray hadcontemplated to bring it alive on celluloid. This epic not only fuelled creativity for ages, it casts its shadow over contemporary politics, diplomacy and social condition. On one hand, its relevance can be discerned in the conflicts of daily life, love, sexuality, vengeance and on the other hand it is equally apparent in the notions of pure humanitarianism. The allure and mysticism of this epoch making creation that inspired me as an Indian and as a consentaneous human being, provided the fodder for this series of paintings. While I visualize the abstract forms of all the incidents, the tangible composition of all the places, periods and realmsalso float in my inner mind. Here I tried to present to you parts of the magic realist canvas that has been a companion in my long walk of life. If my audacious attempt touches you or amazes you, may be then, I can get closer to my next milestone.