Those who inspired. Those who left impressions. Curated by Niharika Gupta

An ever-changing, ever-absorbing, world where reality, truthand memory nourish quotidian experiences that augmentdivergent identities at a plurality of points in life. The world as we know, is brilliantly confusing and on display are its awe-inspiring memoirs, touching time present and time past.

The oeuvres in this exhibition collectively manifestmetaphysical forms, harmoniously coexisting in the nowness of their time, exploring sui generis modus operandi, narratives andaesthetics which are a personification of each virtuosos’creative worldliness, planting an idyllic mesh of artful rudiments to render a mindful tangible experience. 

There is a living force that drives an artist towards introducingthe unknown and the unimagined from the depths of theirinward eye, evocatively. The spectacle unveils a unique sense of visceral expressiveness by the soul creator, evincing the impressions of their space. They are painters on the path of complex simplicity bound by the jubilant essence of expressive emotions, establishing an immortal art affair.

It takes but a moment’s thought to realize…

Artists: Madhuri Kathe, Aparna Bidasaria, Shola Carletti, Shivani Dugar, Hemant Rao & Pravin Misal