Alhambra – A search for light and form Dual Solo – Curated by The Pais Polity

by Mukhtar Kazi and Vaibhav More

In the tradition of Renaissance painters, Mukhtar Kazi from Mumbai delves into the nuances of light through his monochromatic abstracts, while Vaibhav More crafts cubist paganist forms reminiscent of ancient symbolism. Kazi’s shades of gray, blue, and red cascade like a visual narrative, evoking landscapes within abstraction, while More’s stone-breaking techniques, influenced by Egyptology, honor the natural form and essence of the material.

Kazi’s upbringing in Mumbra, a suburb shaped by cultural synthesis and maritime heritage, echoes in his art, which seeks the quietude of light amidst urban clamor. Inspired by his grandfather, a former ship captain, Kazi’s journey into art reflects the intermingling of cultures along India’s western coast. Similarly, More’s refusal to conform to mainstream materials like fiberglass is a testament to his commitment to the intrinsic qualities of stone and the freedom it offers.

Named after the legendary palace in Andalusia, Spain, Alhambra symbolizes cultural exchange and coexistence. Just as the palace welcomed diverse communities, Kazi and More’s art transcends boundaries, drawing inspiration from their unique backgrounds and experiences. Their juxtaposition highlights the disconnect between mainstream art discourse and artists on the margins of society.

This exhibition sheds light on the rich tapestry of artistic expression emerging from suburban landscapes, challenging prevailing aesthetic norms and fostering dialogue on the periphery of the art world.