Purple Sun, Pink Sky Solo Exhibition – Curated by Angeles Miranda

by Jin Sook Shinde

“This planet, our whole world must be created by God as a training ground for body, mind and soul.”
– Jinsook Shinde

This exhibition presents the artistic development of Indo-Korean artist Jinsook Shinde over the span of 40 years. Her printmaking practice began during her studies in Paris but has mainly been entrenched in the Indian art context since arriving in Mumbai in 1983. Her persistent experimentation with paper, pigment, and printmaking has led to her pursuit of sculptural forms that involve shadow, calligraphy, and collage works such as The Rhythm of the Day (2019). This series is an extension of her concept of lines – an elemental form of image-making. Here it is seen not only in the strips of paper, but also in the shadows that respond to light and the movement of the sun across the sky. Although abstract, her works are still inscribed by her early education in landscape painting and confront us with reflections on an abstract understanding of nature.