Audambar Rudrawar

Born in Loha, Nanded District, Maharashtra in 1968, Audambar Rudrawar is an abstract watercolourist with works depicting less is more. With a Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from J.J School of Arts (1993), Rudrawar uses an existential process of varied mediums to depict his minimalist language. Audambar believes in imbuing the world around him […]

Bhushan Bhombale

Bhushan Bhombale was born in 1991 in Bhusawal, Maharashtra. He studied painting at the Raheja School of Arts and graduated with a Government Diploma in painting in 2014, followed by a Diploma in Art education in 2015 from J.J School of Art, Mumbai. Bhombale uses a technique that includes an experimental process where he makes an abstract decoupage that […]

Dipti Pandey

Dipti Pandey (1972) is an artist whose inspiration emerges from her lived experience of being in Mumbai where she looks at her own self as a dot, her ability to be pregnant with life and the power to give birth in multitude of this human cosmos. She completed her formal training in visual art from L S Raheja School of Art, Mumbai (1993) […]

Hemant Rao

Hemant Rao is a self-taught abstract painter, born in the remote village of Raghogarh, Guna district, Madhya Pradesh. In his formative years, Rao worked at Bhopal’s Bharat Bhavan multi-art complex. Soon after, he began his transition as an artist. Rao’s works have a humble personality and one can feel a sense of calm when standing […]

Mayuri Chari

Mayuri Chari, born in Goa, 1991 is a conceptual artist defining leadership and female representation that is observed and expressed through her subject specific work. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Goa College of Art (2013) and a Masters in Painting from SN School of Art, Hyderabad Central University (2017). She is influenced by the statement, ‘A […]

Meenakshi Nihalani

Meenakshi Nihalani is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, an active researcher that convert factual concepts into creations. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture from JJ School of Fine Arts, Mumbai and earned the 2017 Lord Mayo Memorial Award for sculpture during the Annual exhibition in Sir J.J School of Art. Meenakshi’s practice holistically revolves around representing the Agrarian culture and the social and psychological impact of British colonialism on […]

Mukhtar Kazi

Mukhtar Kazi, born in Bhiwandi, Thane, 1977 is a self-taught artist whose practice focuses on the search of light through abstract forms. For several years, he lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he worked as a mural artist working on commissions in the palaces of the Saudi Royals. Upon his return to India, he went on to earn his teaching diploma at HBS […]

Tejswini Sonawane

Tejswini Sonawane, is a printmaker from Solapur; a prolific, industrious genius with woodcuts have eclipsed the greats of Bengal school through the choice of her subject, not political but inhabit the artist herself.  Superimposing images of animals onto self-portraits, the artist contours wood to create deep forms of embrace that are metaphors of our own emotional […]

Ajay De

“I learnt that there was more truth in black and white than colour, though appealing, was not enough of a challenge, because life is full of shades. You will find the colour of fire in the spirit of my paintings, the colour of dreams in my strokes, the many hues of passion that bring to […]

Akbar Padamsee

Indian artist, Akbar Padamsee (1928 – 2020) was a true pioneer of Modern Art and a first-generation postcolonial artist and was a part of the Progressive Artists’ Group. Padamsee’s first solo show in India was held at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 1954. His early portraits in varied mediums demonstrate a quasi-spiritual style of working. […]