A Woven Story for Mother Solo Exhibition – Curated by Girish Shahane

An Elegy of Hope Grief is a double-sided emotion, born of loss but also of love. In her show A Woven Story for Mother, Kiyomi Talaulicar comes to terms with personal loss through art that celebrates the relationships underlying grief. Paradoxically, these testaments to human connection exclude identifiable figures, instead portraying leaves and flowers; walls and floors; bowls […]

Act III Group Show Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

‘Mono-ha’, or the ‘School of Things’, embodies a Shinto sensibility in art by juxtaposing materials like stone, steel, glass, and more to create ephemeral installations echoing nature. Emerging in the tumultuous decades of the 1960s and 1980s, Mono-ha reflects a Japanese perspective that integrates nature into artistic expression. In ACT III, three interconnected artists—Vinita Karim, Mahirwan Mamtani, […]

Colour, Stone, Chintz, Grain and Statue Dual Solo – Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

Grains have traversed continents for millennia, symbolizing abundance and sustenance. Yet, they also carry bitter memories of famines, such as the Bengal famine during India’s colonial history. Revati Sharma Singh, an artist based in London, weaves these narratives into expansive canvases, portraying the diasporic experiences of individuals like herself and others spread across the globe. […]

Fotometallica Dual Solo – Curated by Sumesh Sharma

Jeh & Jehan Khubchandani inhabit the gallery as a garden with photos that animate Bombay in its landscape and sculptures that bring in the chaos much like a nightclub, promising fantasies from afar in nights of wonder. Born into a digital savvy generation, Jehan began documenting his life and work from an early age. His views are surrealistic visions brought about […]

Minds Cupboard Retrospective – Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

We have lived in times where the present has been fleeting.  Preoccupied in our lives that were eternal , our lives promised unending scapes of happening and possibility.  During the Covid pandemic Lalitha Lajmisketched portraits of women,  birds with human heads and Christ-like busts on a long Japanese paper scroll that lay in her studio for decades.  A relative who was a […]

Moksha Shots Episode 21 – Digital Dopamine Solo Exhibition

Jenny Bhatt’s work is essentially about the Pursuit of Happiness (Moksh). It uses humour to comment on social and cultural practices.  Her oeuvre is a blend of pop surreal psychedelia and eastern philosophy infused with happiness. She works within a concept she created, called MokshaShots.In eastern philosophy, ‘Moksh’ means salvation. Considering our lifestyles, we probably won’t get to full fledged Moksh, but we […]

Space scapes Solo Exhibition

Sujata Bajaj’s new paintings, a major departure in her practice, are inspired by our contemporary understanding of the universe as a tumultuous, evolving phenomenon in which matter and energy are fungible and stars are born and die as a matter of routine. These poems of fire and ice play expertly with surface and depth, bringing Bajaj’s decades-long experience of exploring colour and light to […]

Zen Thunder Zen Silence Solo Exhibition

When you are thunder, Be the thunder, when you are silence Be the silence. I like to completely immerse myself into whatever I am creating at the moment,  when I am sculpting Shiva, I want to be the sound of his deafening drumbeat,  when I am painting the lotus I want to be the silence […]