Zen Thunder Zen Silence Solo Exhibition

by Satish Gupta

When you are thunder, Be the thunder, when you are silence Be the silence.

I like to completely immerse myself into whatever I am creating at the moment, 

when I am sculpting Shiva, I want to be the sound of his deafening drumbeat, 

when I am painting the lotus I want to be the silence of the petals gently swaying in the wind, when I am painting the Moon, I want to be its luminosity, when I am sculpting the Primal Orb, I want to be vastness of Space and the timelessness of Time.

Being One with the elements and the Now and being aware of the transient nature of the apparent reality is my meditation and the inspiration behind this body of works.

 I offer these windows for meditation to facilitate the exploration of our personal  Zenscapes — a vast emptiness full of vital energy and infinite possibilities, a space of harmony and tranquility which we all possess. Perhaps these works will help in letting-go of the cluttered mind and be one with our spirit, our unborn selves.