Act III Group Show Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

‘Mono-ha’, or the ‘School of Things’, embodies a Shinto sensibility in art by juxtaposing materials like stone, steel, glass, and more to create ephemeral installations echoing nature. Emerging in the tumultuous decades of the 1960s and 1980s, Mono-ha reflects a Japanese perspective that integrates nature into artistic expression. In ACT III, three interconnected artists—Vinita Karim, Mahirwan Mamtani, and Jin Sook Shinde—navigate their diasporic identities through their art, offering a second view into culture and identity.

Jin Sook Shinde, born in Korea but calling Bombay home, channels Buddhist nihilism into her paper sculptures, exploring the immaterial through vibrant colors and kinetic forms. Her journey from Seoul to Paris to Bombay reflects a search for truth beyond materialism, culminating in her unique artistic practice

Mahirwan Mamtani, hailing from Sindh and now based near Munich, embraces constructivism through his ‘Centrovision’, blending spiritual dimensions with geometric forms. His introspective compositions, animated with language and philosophy, mirror the complexities of human existence.

Vinita Karim, born in Yangon to Indian diplomats, weaves landscapes of memory and migration through her embroidered paintings, collaborating with Bihari artisans in Dhaka. Her work transcends borders, reflecting the layered identities of displaced communities across the subcontinent.

ACT III prompts a reevaluation of aesthetics and inclusion in the art world, challenging the hierarchy that often overlooks decorative art. By celebrating artists whose practices defy categorization, this exhibition invites viewers to reimagine their relationship with decoration and cultural identity.

Bombay, 2023