Fotometallica Dual Solo – Curated by Sumesh Sharma

by Jeh Khubchandani and Jehan Khubchandani

Jeh & Jehan Khubchandani inhabit the gallery as a garden with photos that animate Bombay in its landscape and sculptures that bring in the chaos much like a nightclub, promising fantasies from afar in nights of wonder.

Born into a digital savvy generation, Jehan began documenting his life and work from an early age. His views are surrealistic visions brought about by technologies amongst teenagers at a fast pace. He presents his era as a script of his life’s fable and that of his comrades at play, manipulated by AI, telling the many truths the lives of our future tell. Being familiar with the nuances of his teenage dream, he captures intense expressions, the poignancy of emotional depth, a hidden smile, all blended by vivid artistry. These are his visions of proximity. 

A young love manifested in melody; Jeh composes soundtracks suited to his existential anxieties at school. His tracks are avant-garde metallic sounds scratched through faint melodies and misplaced percussions with titles drawn from pain, euphoria, love and words he learnt through teenage life. New to sound art, Jeh collaborated with multifaceted artist, Bhushan Bhombhale to sought his thoughts as forms. The duo produced ‘Speaker Sets’ – a set of modernist architectural metal structures resembling gargoyles that spout music from speakers.

In Foto, perfect instances of sound, colour and sweet emotions are transcended into a clear language.

In Metallica, sound holds a tangibility to memories attached like crystal clear visuals of emotions every piece of music embraces.