Alert Silence (online show) Solo Exhibition – Curated by Tarana Khubchandani

An Alert Silence: Painting SilenceVasant Wankhede (1936 – 2015)An Online Exhibition Vasant Wankhede (1936 – 2015) dedicated his visual language to the exploration of silence, inviting viewers to listen with their eyes to the vastness of human vision. Born in 1936, Wankhede studied under Shankar Palsikar at the Sir JJ School of Arts, Bombay, graduating in Painting […]

Beej – The self as a dot – Solo Exhibition

In the abstract landscape of Mumbai where non-representation prevails as a dominant trend, native tantric art and western abstraction have had an eclectic conversation. Dipti’s sensibilities generously absorb these without hesitation and she makes it her own, interestingly she brings a feminine sensibility of being a woman, and her ability to be pregnant with life, and the power […]

Golpitha – A Namdeo Dhasal Memoriam Dual Solo – Curated by Prabhakar Kamble

Golpitha: A Namdeo Dhasal MemoriamDual Solos in Painting & CeramicPrakash Bhise | Upendra RamCurated by Prabhakar Kamble In Celebration of Namdeo Dhasal’s Life and Work Neighbourhoods hold the essence of a city’s aesthetic ethos, none more evocative than Golpitha in Kamathipura, a poetic enclave immortalized by the Dalit Panther NamdeoDhasal. Prakash Bhise, a retired professor from LS Raheja College of Arts, pays homage to Dhasal’s iconic work “Golpitha” […]

Lok Chitran – Solo Exhibition – Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

People Painting / Lok Chitran – Solo  by Dr Shiv Nath Ram , curated by Ananta Singh & Gaurav Phaterpekar  on June 7 – July 9 2021  A suite of 39 imperial size pencil drawings constitute  the solo exhibition of Shiv Nath Ram (1951)  at Gallery Art & Soul.  The exhibition is a portrait of a Lokchitrakar […]

Table Manners – 2 – A Celebration of Ceramics and Food Group Show Curated by Adil Writer and Shayonti Salvi

TABLE MANNERS – 2Curated by Adil Writer and Shayonti SalviA CELEBRATION OF CERAMICS & FOOD24th September To 6th November 2021 A decade ago, I co-curated Table Manners-1 with Rakhee Kane at Gallery Square Circle in Auroville featuring artists from Pondicherry, Bangalore and Auroville. Everyone was given a cement slab tabletop on Siporex blocks, one naked bulb hanging off a dangly wire, all […]

The Printed Torso Dual Solo – Curated by Sumesh Manoj Sharma

A Torso Printed Lalitha Lajmi | Rose Viggiano Dual Solos of the Memory Roll II & Sculptures in Print. A Torso Printed? Why is there an intrigue since the conception of art of the Torso? Since the first paintings found preserved on the walls of caves we see the depiction of life both human and […]