Alert Silence (online show) Solo Exhibition – Curated by Tarana Khubchandani

by Vasant Wankhede

An Alert Silence: Painting Silence
Vasant Wankhede (1936 – 2015)
An Online Exhibition

Vasant Wankhede (1936 – 2015) dedicated his visual language to the exploration of silence, inviting viewers to listen with their eyes to the vastness of human vision.

Born in 1936, Wankhede studied under Shankar Palsikar at the Sir JJ School of Arts, Bombay, graduating in Painting and Drawing in 1959. His artistic journey spanned various mediums and disciplines, including work at the Government Press and the National Films Division, where he directed award-winning documentaries. He held retrospectives and solo shows at prestigious galleries such as Jehangir Art Gallery and Taj Art Gallery

Wankhede’s paintings transform everyday materials into vibrant expressions of inner emotion. Through layers of color and texture, he reveals the essence of feeling beneath the surface. His art reflects a journey of exploration, where matter and spirit intertwine in a dance of creative impulses and skilled craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Wankhede embraced the power of silence and spaciousness in his work. His compositions evoke a sense of tranquilityand depth, inviting viewers to explore the boundless realms of the mind.

Despite facing health challenges throughout his life, Wankhede found solace and inspiration in his art. His use of medical gauze and other unconventional materials added layers of meaning to his abstract creations, echoing the profound silence he sought to convey.

Wankhede’s legacy lives on through the Chitrakar Vasant Wankhede Foundation, founded by his daughter Jyoti Wankhede Save. The foundation honors Wankhede’s life and work, supporting emerging artists and raising awareness about organ donation.

Note from the Curator:

“In a world filled with noise and chaos, Vasant Wankhede’s paintings offer a sanctuary of silence. His work reminds us to listen deeply, to find peace amidst the tumult of life. We are honored to present this online exhibition, celebrating the life and art of a true master.”