Golpitha – A Namdeo Dhasal Memoriam Dual Solo – Curated by Prabhakar Kamble

by Prakash Bhise and Upender Ram

Golpitha: A Namdeo Dhasal Memoriam
Dual Solos in Painting & Ceramic
Prakash Bhise | Upendra Ram
Curated by Prabhakar Kamble

In Celebration of Namdeo Dhasal’s Life and Work

Neighbourhoods hold the essence of a city’s aesthetic ethos, none more evocative than Golpitha in Kamathipura, a poetic enclave immortalized by the Dalit Panther NamdeoDhasal. Prakash Bhise, a retired professor from LS Raheja College of Arts, pays homage to Dhasal’s iconic work “Golpitha” through evocative blackboard illustrations, encapsulating the essence of a cultural hotspot in 1970s Bombay.

Meanwhile, Upendra Ram, a ceramicist hailing from Siwan, Bihar, delves into the interplay of space and form, crafting ceramic jars adorned with human motifs that echo the thematic undercurrents of Dhasal’s poetry. His pieces narrate tales of childhood memories, village rituals, and the dichotomies of rural life, challenging traditional ceramic aesthetics with conceptual depth and narrative richness.

Ram’s sophisticated renderings in ceramic pay homage to indigenous traditions of clay sculpture, serving as poignant symbols of dissent and resilience. Through his art, he reimagines the role of ceramics beyond mere utility, infusing it with sculptural, conceptual, and narrative dimensions.

Bhise’s drawings, on the other hand, offer glimpses into the vibrant tapestry of life in Golpitha, depicting women organizing, working, and communing near the statue of Ambedkar. His portraits capture the essence of Dhasal’s subjects, continuing a tradition of visual storytelling rooted in the poet’s legacy.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bhise’s art takes on a poignant resonance, depicting the struggles of migrant workers and frontline workers with empathy and sensitivity. Through his drawings, he intertwines personal histories of loss and resilience with broader narratives of societal upheaval and human connection.

In “Golpitha,” Buddhism finds expression as a philosophical anchor, guiding viewers through the complexities of human existence and societal transformation. Through visual memoriam, Bhise and Ram invite audiences to engage with Dhasal’s enduring legacy, offering new avenues for reflection, contemplation, and change.

Prakash Bhise, a stalwart of the Ambedkarite Movement, brings a wealth of artistic experience and social commitment to his work. His deep friendship with Namdeo Dhasalinspires a heartfelt tribute to the poet’s enduring spirit and vision. Upendra Ram, a rising star in the world of ceramics, infuses his art with narratives of human struggle and resilience, challenging conventions and redefining the boundaries of his craft.

Together, Prakash Bhise and Upendra Ram honor the legacy of Namdeo Dhasal, transforming Golpitha into a site of artistic remembrance and cultural renewal.