Enchanted Forest – Solo Exhibition

My present body of work explores the fascinating world of plants, foliage, animals and birds. Inspired by Indian miniatures, textiles and handicrafts, these works are an ode to colour, design and texture. Reminiscent of the earthen toys, the bird sculptures are reminders of the enchanted world of childhood. They are dedicated to the memory of […]

Figures in Motion – Solo Exhibition

OILS, WATERCOLOURS & DRAWINGS I am 76. I have gone grey and bald a long time ago, with stress and angst, in and around. In my 40s, 50s and 60s, I wrote, I am a painter wanting to be an artist; the journey is still on. At 17, I came to JJ in Bombay from […]

River Song – Solo Exhibition

Vinita Karim has lived and worked in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Educated in Sweden and Philippines, her landscapes draw on her travel and experience, yet consistently link back to her roots in India.  Vinita’s gilt-leafed canvases are set around lands lived and imagined, in histories and geographies of her choosing, places rich with […]

Spectrum – Solo Exhibition

This collection has been curated by his acute perceptiveness of the wonder of language; a joyful explosion of words chiselled into highly complex and abstract forms.  But it’s unifying theme seems to be man, his place in the universe and his endeavours.  ‘Making a Name for Yourself’ and ‘Moving Ahead’ explore aspects of human ambition, personal […]

Text as Text (Part I) Group Show Curated by Shubhalaxmi Shukla

Since the 1960’s decade, written and readable text has interested the likes of artists from diverse cultures while the world in the 21st century occupies spectacles of artworks by artists who work with text and have found a new approach to voice simple and deep insights by acknowledging text as material. This makes text as […]