River Song – Solo Exhibition

by Vinita Karim

Vinita Karim has lived and worked in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Educated in Sweden and Philippines, her landscapes draw on her travel and experience, yet consistently link back to her roots in India. 

Vinita’s gilt-leafed canvases are set around lands lived and imagined, in histories and geographies of her choosing, places rich with meaning and life despite the physical absence of human figures. Hers are narratives built around life-lines of waters, in cities with significant sea histories.

Vinita weaves her story-songs amongst the waves that wash the banks of waterways, canals, riversides and seafronts. Hers is a tribute to the lives and loves of generations gone by, and those still to come. Our country too has seen the growth of a mighty civilization along the Indus and the Ganges. Our holy rivers have given us so much joy and now we need to give back to them.

Riversong is Vinita’s 24th solo exhibition. Five of these shows were held in India. Her work is currently being shown and collected all over the globe. She has been recently exhibited at the India Art Fair, Sikka Art Fair in Dubai, Dhaka Art Summit, Artfair Singapore, Waddington Auctions in Canada, Asian Art Bienalle in Dhaka and Arabian Wings Auction in Saudi Arabia.