Text as Text (Part I) Group Show Curated by Shubhalaxmi Shukla

Since the 1960’s decade, written and readable text has interested the likes of artists from diverse cultures while the world in the 21st century occupies spectacles of artworks by artists who work with text and have found a new approach to voice simple and deep insights by acknowledging text as material. This makes text as an alternative expression in contemporary times.

Text as Art has previously been explored by artists like Yoko Ono and Barbara Kruger, to name a few, using words as forms that arise from the depth of their cultures. By addressing these diverse idioms during their times in the yesteryear, these artists created critical planes of art practice.

Text is often employed as a material for making artworks by feminists. Text based artworks often create therapeutic and cathartic experiences that make human life possible with effortless search for wisdom. The viewer must feel at ease when they read the artwork from left to right, instantly manifesting the meaning.