March ganapati

This exhibition, spanning a 30-year period, showcases mixed media, painted fiberglass sculptures, drawings, and etching-collages in two distinct shows. It delves into the inspiration and creative expressions derived from Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, in Sujata Bajaj’s work. Sujata Bajaj, renowned as an abstract colourist, unveils a lesser-known aspect of her artistry in this iconic departure. […]

The silent eternity

A sleeping Buddha’s head reclines at an angle, the quiet repose meditative and quieting because of its towering scale, represented as gods must be among mere humans. The mesmerising quality of The Buddhas Within is hypnotic, leading one to pause between meditation and circumambulation, choices that hint at its deific qualification, yet the former is […]

Turkish consulate – group show

Turkey: Crossroads Of The World Turkey, the bridge between continents, the meeting point of East and West, Asia and Europe, has witnessed many golden ages of art throughout the centuries. Today it is once again home to an extraordinarily vibrant contemporary art scene. History stands testimony to the cultural and intellectual dialogue that has spawned […]