Turkish consulate – group show

Turkey: Crossroads Of The World

Turkey, the bridge between continents, the meeting point of East and West, Asia and Europe, has witnessed many golden ages of art throughout the centuries. Today it is once again home to an extraordinarily vibrant contemporary art scene. History stands testimony to the cultural and intellectual dialogue that has spawned over these centuries between the two ancient civilizations of Turkey and India. An exchange that began with trade routes, having lasting similarities till date. Two channels offer insight into the similar development of contemporary art in Turkey and India.

The first is the impact of globalization; the second, the transition between social sciences and art in the context of postmodern discussions. There is an emergence of transdisciplinary art as a method. The process of globalization resulted in cultural, social, economic, and urban transformation, particularly in cities such as Istanbul and Mumbai. Artists have been constantly questioning modes of artistic production in this new environment, and this has resulted in the emergence of a new paradigm.

Turkey: Crossroads of the world, a show that brings together this new spirit of eclectic, divergent, contemporary art. Art that has cultural roots and global wings. Whilst regaling in the similarities, it keenly celebrates differences. Dipti Bondre –  August 2016