March ganapati

by Sujata Bajaj

This exhibition, spanning a 30-year period, showcases mixed media, painted fiberglass sculptures, drawings, and etching-collages in two distinct shows. It delves into the inspiration and creative expressions derived from Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, in Sujata Bajaj’s work.

Sujata Bajaj, renowned as an abstract colourist, unveils a lesser-known aspect of her artistry in this iconic departure. Though surprising to many, her lifelong connection with Ganapati is a natural progression, reflecting her deep-rooted exploration as an artist

Ganapati’s timeless presence in Indian culture inspired numerous artisans, yet Sujata’s journey with the deity is unparalleled. Initiated during a period of physical confinement due to injury, her drawings evolved obsessively, guided by an unseen force towards the form of Ganapati. Over time, new techniques and materials enriched the project, culminating in a deeply personal exploration now shared with the world.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a prestigious book titled “Ganapati,” authored by Jean-Claude Carrière, accompanies the release. This illustrated volume traces the project’s evolution over three decades, offering insight into Sujata’s artistic process and personal journey. The book features work from various stages, demonstrating the artist’s versatility and mastery across diverse mediums.

Jean-Claude Carrière’s narrative delves into Sujata’s introspective journey, while Kishore Singh’s interview provides biographical context, shedding light on the artist’s evolution. Sujata’s bold use of colour, a defining aspect of her career, imbues both the book and the exhibition with extraordinary energy.

Sujata Bajaj’s artistic odyssey, traversing Paris, Dubai, India, and Norway, culminates in this captivating exploration of Ganapati, showcasing her unique vision and profound artistic freedom.