Beyond The Scenes – Solo exhibition

It is the presence of the absence that has to be interpreted and experienced and sustained by a certain seriousness of purpose. Objects and the protagonists have stepped out of their time frame to assume an identity in the present scenario. The acute static demeanour of my portrayals lends itself to movement through the vehicles […]

Ganpati – Solo exhibition

A unique and stunning show with the grace, splendor and enchantment of Ganesha in Sujata Bajaj‚Äôs compelling and passionate strokes. For the first time in her illustrious career Sujata has lent her magic to the third dimension as she unveils her sculptures in fiberglass with this show. These forms have been inspired by her etchings […]

Jostling for Space – Solo exhibition

Each of these paintings is a manifestation of an internal journey on paths I have seldom walked. A journey that sometimes finds clarity in chaos and panic in moments of order. At times, a cool silence accompanies the darkness and sometimes one that craves the warmth of light. My mind feels like a crowded city […]