Beyond The Scenes – Solo exhibition

by Nayanaa Kanodia

It is the presence of the absence that has to be interpreted and experienced and sustained by a certain seriousness of purpose. Objects and the protagonists have stepped out of their time frame to assume an identity in the present scenario.

The acute static demeanour of my portrayals lends itself to movement through the vehicles of vibrant, dynamic colours, the composition of patterns, the air of whimsy and the extraordinary plethora of intricately worked details. The masterly built up of strokes and textures evoke an illusionary colour palette, which gives a crystalline utopian appearance to the mundane everyday life being depicted.

Each depiction is charged with innocuous humour personifying the subtle ironies that permeate daily life, which lay in conflict with the collision of the East and West. A picture of the moment is built up in which whole histories and relationships are made visible. These paintings are moments of pleasure held forever. They are about time and time in paintings is movement stilled. There is a sense of fun that is sometimes picaresque, that verges hesitantly on the erotic, but excels in the shrewd tongue-in –cheek observation of individual psychology and the customs and manners of groups.

In this exhibition, I have boldly attempted the most difficult themes and precisely through the tension which arises from technical difficulties and the truth of my inner vision, from the contrast of intellectual simplicity and visual imagery, I achieve that idiosyncrasy of creative expression. It is the identity of the experience that I express. Behind the pedantically accurate perfect scene, the world is so true, naked and simple that we catch our breath as we recognize it.

I do not regard art as a universe separate and remote from the concerns of ordinary living. I have anticipated the modern notion of reality as a dialectical interplay of the visible and the feasible, of knowledge and vision. Waking life and the life of dreams flow together.