Ganpati – Solo exhibition

by Sujata Bajaj

A unique and stunning show with the grace, splendor and enchantment of Ganesha in Sujata Bajaj’s compelling and passionate strokes.

For the first time in her illustrious career Sujata has lent her magic to the third dimension as she unveils her sculptures in fiberglass with this show. These forms have been inspired by her etchings done over 25 years ago, and rendered in her contemporary and unmatchable style.

GANPATI is a show that has been several years in the making with the initial inspirations dating to 1986.

In Sujata’s words, “My association with Ganapati has been since my childhood, when we celebrated the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi and Anant Chaturdashi with immense involvement and had Ganapati at home for ten days decorating him with a new approach each year. Even as children the ideas and techniques we used for decorating the idols were unique and ingenuous, we painted the idols and used many household items to adorn them. For that age and time it was the biggest project that we children undertook and was implemented rather cleverly, a learning experience that was a riddled with a chunks of pleasure and excitement. It was a time for friends to get together and pray to Ganapati, to share the Prasad that we received twice daily after the pooja and aarti. This was the quickest month of the year, with the few weeks of preparation and the ten days of the festival. The last day would be infused with a little melancholy as we submerged the idols in the sea on the day of the visarjan with distant anticipation of Ganapati’s return to our homesthe following year.”

For Sujata Bajaj, GANPATI is her reservoir of colour as she claims with great reverence, “To me the form of Ganapati has a distinctive individuality in my empathy and in my creative being. It is the most boundless and playful form absorbed with positivity and optimism, it gives me a feeling of confidence and buoyancy and eliminates the presence of apprehension from within.”