Ankit Patel

Born in Surat,1957, Ankit Patel holds a post-diploma in creative sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda. His work reflects cross-currents that exhibit flowing linearity; imbuing figures with life, and an interplay of vertical, horizontal, and circular forms in the tradition of high modernism. 

The expanse of his journey as a sculptor tours from Gujarat to Rajasthan. His sculptures are souvenirs of his childhood memories reiterated into forms explore various visual cultures. Ankit experimented with various mediums before finding creative fulfilment in cast metal, particularly bronze. His sculptures explore the limits of the human body, symbolizing the spirit’s journey toward the ultimate point. With 4 decades of sculpting mastery, Ankit Patel transforms hard metal into fluid, breathing life into his creations, inviting viewers to imagine everyday life through his art.

The artist lives and works in Jaipur, India.

Studio Play, Bronze, 36 x 21 x 13 Inches
Studio Play
36 x 21 x 13 Inches
mahatmas melody, Bronze, 18 x 31 x 13
mahatmas melody
18 x 31 x 13
Fun &Frolic, Bronze, 53 x 24 x 14 Inches
Fun &Frolic
53 x 24 x 14 Inches
Typewriter, Bronze, 12 x 20 x 18 Inches
12 x 20 x 18 Inches
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