Moksha Shots – Solo exhibition

In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, moksh means salvation. Since most of us won’t get to moksh in this lifetime, we can get a glimpse of it. A mokshashot (by the artists’ own definition) is a taste of the sublime. “Everyone can make their own mokshashot out of anything they find fulfilling…art, chocolate, a holiday, a […]

Performers – Solo exhibition

She places windows often within domestic spaces, windows that look into landscapes of the mind. These she depicts as artist self-portraits. Lajmi was born to a poet father and a poly-linguist writer mother in 1932. Through a vocabulary of an unequal distribution of images and perspectives within the same plane she narrates a layered history of the modern […]

The Other Self – Solo exhibition

Seema’s ode to the forms of energy, each distinctive and with its own unique properties, stems from her own belief in the self. Within each individual reside several energies that shape a personality, and the struggle for recognition of one single consciousness.  Seema Kohli’s works claim a sense of feminine subjectivities, an altered concept of […]