The Other Self – Solo exhibition

by Seema Kohli

Seema’s ode to the forms of energy, each distinctive and with its own unique properties, stems from her own belief in the self. Within each individual reside several energies that shape a personality, and the struggle for recognition of one single consciousness. 

Seema Kohli’s works claim a sense of feminine subjectivities, an altered concept of feminine sexuality that ventures into her experiential interpretation of morals, faith and, religion. Her belief; the mind, like all things that nature has created, is free with echoes of which have existed among iconoclasts for millennia. Laws that govern our universe might shackle the human body, but the mind remains inviolate, capable of its own revolutions and retreats.

It is of such profound belief that Seema’s clairvoyance is possessed. Faced with the spectra of annihilation, her art is a reminder that it is not too late to steer the wheel of time towards a world cast in grace and beauty. If humankind does not heed the surging tide of animosity and destruction, then all we might be left with are regret and nostalgia. Hopefully, that turn will not come, and Seema’s reflecting glass will continue to show us not a world lost but a world rendered perfect by our other self.

Seema Kohli’s choice of the Bhagwad Gita as a subject is entirely natural, given her inclination towards spirituality, Sufism and universal harmony. 

As these paintings exemplify, Seema’s quest to unify the celestial and the terrestrial coalesce in the figure of a woman. It is this dialogue with morality that forms the bedrock of the epic and the subject of a majority of Seema’s work.