Micropolis – Solo Exhibition

Christened Micropolis, with ‘micro’ referring to the cellular level and ‘polis’ indicating the city, Arzan Khambatta’s latest collection consists of assemblies that are architectural yet cellular. Steel magnolias is a phrase that best describes these delicate yet strong structures that combine to form the budding new world of the artist; who has made a smooth […]

Familiar Sounds, Lasting Silence – Solo Exhibition

Note Ankit’s sculptures take you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane, weaving tales with a twist. The twist is enhanced with the combinations of media as is apparent in this body of Ankit Patel’s works in “Familiar Sounds… Lasting Silence”.  “Biloney ki Khanak”, or “Silte Hue Sur” or even “Pinjare ka Music” – each work begs […]

Divya Leela – Solo Exhibition

Over the years, with matured experience and cohesive pacing towards his aim, he has formed his visual vocabulary dedicated to silence in order to open and ear to the field of human vision. In his paintings one sees rags being transformed into colours, stains into aesthetic areas. Bandage not covering the wound but revealing the […]