Micropolis – Solo Exhibition

by Arzan Khambatta

Christened Micropolis, with ‘micro’ referring to the cellular level and ‘polis’ indicating the city, Arzan Khambatta’s latest collection consists of assemblies that are architectural yet cellular.

Steel magnolias is a phrase that best describes these delicate yet strong structures that combine to form the budding new world of the artist; who has made a smooth transition from the raw and rough substance of our traditional past to the cutting-edge style and polish of our high-tech age. The metal sheets are bent to the will of the creator and then joined to each other to acquire stability. The human replicas shine brightly against the structure and are not placed within, as the sculptor did not want his protagonist to be imprisoned by his environment.

The environment created by the sculptor is similar to a mega city as seen from the sky – when the roads and buildings appear to be part of a cellular structure that one would see under a microscope. 

His characteristic rough, raw and humour-laden concepts, he visualised pieces with clean lines.