India Art fair 2022

Object Making Exercises 

Dual Solo – Upendra Ram & Mayuri Chari | Insitu Installations by Rupali Patil, Anshu Singh ,Bhushan Bhomabale along with Birender Kumar Yadav 

Curated by Prabhakar Kamble 

The Art & Soul Foundation is an initiative by the gallery that brings to focus virtuosos with unique and powerful practices. The A&S Foundation works towards accessibility and equity within the contemporary art scene.

The Art & Soul Foundation had its first debut at India Art Fair 2023 in Delhi, featuring the practices of artists pan India with a visual vortex in art.

Object making Exercises presents the practices of 6 artists, Mayuri Chari, Anshu Singh, Upendra Ram, Rupali Patil, Bhushan Bhombhale and Birender Kumar Yadav, native to rural India who narrate personal stories of the self and the indigenous, illustrated, embroidered, weaved and sculpted to speak with an audience whilst delving into the propositions of conceptual and aesthetical visuality.