Altruism of Lines – solo exhibition

Yashwant Deshmukh, a contemporary conceptual artist born in 1963 in Akola, Vidarbha, graduated from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1988. This exhibition showcases his works from 2007 to 2019, reflecting his journey spanning thirty years, oscillating between figuration and symbolic abstraction. Deshmukh’s art emphasizes lyrical and meditative elements, preserving resonance through monochromatic treatment. […]

Sacred Garden – Solo Exhibition

Sacred Garden emerges as concept derived from the sacred groves known in Marathi as the  Devrai – a part of the  forest that is communally protected and has a significant religious connotation for the community that protects it. In Subash Awchat’s solo exhibit Devrai he presents a unique extensive oeuvre we see an artist successfully attempting to […]

Beyond the Horizon – Paintings and Installations Solo Exhibition

I visited Sudip Roy’s studio in Greater Kailash part-1 park upon his invitation to view his recent works. on a rain-spattered afternoon, when the light outside was already fading, we spoke of Baharampur, where he grew up—a place to which my own memories of summer and grandparents are intimately linked.  Exploring parables of life, love […]

Muthukulam – Backwater Narratives Solo Exhibition

Born in 1971, Suresh Muthukulam grew up in the small village of Muthukulam in the verdant backwaters of Kerala. His first formal education was in the gurukulam system after which he completed a four-year Fine Arts course. Later he had the unique privilege of training under the legendary Sree Mammiyoor Krishnakutty Nair at Guruvayoor for […]

Of Life and Landscapes – Solo Exhibition

Shivani Dugar’s recent suite of works extends her abstract vocabulary, painting expansive vistas of life and its moments. Immersive landscapes play with light, color and texture to form luminescent spatial realms that invite the viewer to engage and experience the visual extravaganza. Memories are encapsulated as sensory chronicles, snapshots of time and emotion, while the […]

Caesura Continuum

Raj Shahani makes interiority an inspiration to sculpt a massive body of work in clay, ceramic and bronze, interiority here is translated in abstraction through a figurative vocabulary.  Shahani attempts to put to pause movement that possess great vitality and speed, even though celebrated for its delicate pace.  Sculpting ballerinas is a vocation present in art […]

Roaring Sea, Still Mind – Solo Exhibition

ROARING SEA — STILL MIND “Roaring Sea — Still Mind,” an exhibition that transports you to the serene landscapes of Normandy, France. Delve into the artist’s transformative encounter with the tumultuous sea and tranquil meditation amidst the storm. Each artwork reflects the interplay of chaos and calm, echoing the essence of Zen philosophy. Discover the […]

Wings & Plume – Group Show – Curated by Prayag Shukla

Birds and butterflies are two marvels of nature; with wings and colours—exalting a certain freedom of expression through their untrammeled and unguided frolicking in the lap of nature. Whether in flight on wings or at rest, they have fascinated artists for ages and swooped into their practices. While birds make a fine spectacle with their […]