The White Rainbow Journey With Sudip Roy – Solo Exhibition

by Sudip Roy

Proficient in watercolours and abstracts, Roy’s artistic journey arrives with a display of jubilant abstracts that are playful on the surface but hold tension of the opposites; dynamism and stillness, complication and simplicity. His spatial aluminium surfaces are limitless with illusions that also suggest the presence of a fluid forms, a world still but in motion, perhaps reflecting a mysterious notion but in turn bringing the viewer back to the flat planes as if awakening from a dream.

He explores every tint, tone and shade of hues with indefinite depth and no repetition with an intuitive sense displaying an informative handling of colour. He uses colours for colours’ sake but also as a language of expression displaying a different sense of time in each frame. Roy’s unique titling as the different times of the day during which they are created is a contradiction as they seem continuous and timeless within the expanse. 

The juxtaposition of light and shadow are amalgamated with reflections reviewing changingmoods and emotions back at oneself heightening the materialistic reality of powerful expression with time held still for a moment unfolding within and unfolding without. 

Between the history of Realism and the magic of Abstract Expressionism, Sudip’s works coalesce into a connected whole of capacious scapes. 

Gail Dickerson 
Royal College of Art, London