Nandita Chaudhuri April 2024


A Unique Sensory Immersive Experience

Nandita Chaudhuri’s works take a deep dive into peeling away the onion layers of human behaviour in a stark and vivid manner. It probes the dilemma in interpersonal human relationships and with the universe at large. The poems and paintings rely on graphic metaphors to convey a common thread. The digital media and paintings collectively take a deep dive into displaying instances in human aspirations and connectivity patterns. The artist uses multimedia like a conductor in a symphony opera to bring to life the core concept. The holograms, using only abstract balls, depict and span life’s journey from birth to death. These balls also reside in the paintings, while the NFT’s bring to life nuances in human behaviour patterns.

Introspection coupled with profound, thought-provoking stories, explore and re-engage with deep impressions and stored images snatched from life. The works question eroded core value systems and a genuine lack of empathy in interpersonal relationships, which also extends to apathy toward the environment, the planet, or society at large. The multimedia of paintings, sculpture, poetry and technology-led art, when juxtaposed, delve into emotions that would not have been possible in a singular dimension. They create unique cross currents as they dissolve into each other. An interplay of narratives enables a storyline that depicts the object and the crevices within. Together, they create a unique multilayered sensory experience.