Centrovision Praxis

by Mahirwan Mamtani

Mahirwan Mamtani openly identifies with constructivism. Coining the idea of ‘Centro vision’, where the gaze is attributed through multiple dimensions of the microcosm and the macrocosm, built through the doctrines of ‘Tantra’, a spiritual dimension of the mask; masking our multiple lives, consciousness and visions of the world from our elements, enveloping a plane that is geometric and human.

Mamtani is eccentric with his love for classical music that he himself composes and animates his paintings too, language, philosophy and literature. His animations unearth the complexities of solitude and an introverted personality that reverts to an extroverted masque in his paintings that emit the desires of modern life in words, watercolour and mixed media. His Centro Vision paintings aren’t abstract but are rather portraits, poignant, comic and happy. Here, Art History intersects Science and Geometry in the memory of a forever exiled soul.  

The retrospective somewhere celebrates the transnational spirit of survival of the people embodied after the partition. Those many masques of said people are defined by the practice in constructivist and spiritual query in the works of Mahirwan Mamtani.