Animal Planet Ceramic – Group Show – Curated by Shayonti Salvi

Human being, the most evolved species, seems to be taking over our planet in multiple ways. While we have had numerous breakthroughs in various fields that stake our claim at the top of the evolution hierarchy, it all comes at a price. The issues may not be as direct as they sound. They delve deeper and leave us with little time to introspect.

Living beings are in a relationship with their planet in a socio-cultural, philosophical and metaphysical way. Elocuting the spiritual notes, the ever-engulfing universal truth – we are all sourced from the same micro-energy. There are certain ecosystems that contribute to maintain the equilibrium of the planet, go unnoticed. As Indians, we are aware of certain beliefs and traditions that are a part of our cultural heritage be it in the form of narrated epics or taken from simple observations, ever present, and we find that we relate to certain mythological concepts.

The theme of “Animal Planet” displays the participating artists introspecting on various facets of the living species and their relationships with the home ground that nurtures them. While using ceramics as their chosen medium of expression, concepts of sustainability, rebellion, metaphysical origins, natural habitat, behavioural patterns, greed, power, sustenance, faith and belief are explored.